Barry Barnes is a touring/recording bassist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born in Lansing, Michigan on December 5th, 1960, Barry first practiced the musical arts in school, starting with the violin and saxophone. Over the years, he expanded his base of expertise whole performing in cover bands, show bands, musicals, and concerts from Cincinnati, Florida, and elsewhere across the continent.

From 1987 to 1989, Barry went overseas and performed in a funk/R&B show band, touring in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Venezuela. Ten years ago, Barry moved to Vegas and at a local jam, met Stoney Curtis. Stoney needed a replacements bassist; a role Barry was happy to fill and has been filling for the last decade performing in the Stoney Curtis Band.

Barry also plays bass with Count’s 77, the band of Danny “the Count” Koker, star of the History Channel’s reality television series Counting Cars, and the John Zito Band with fellow Count’s 77 member John Zito. He has played the critically acclaimed Rock of Ages Tour, the Tenors of Rock Tour featured on The X-Factor, and the Raiding the Rock Vault Tour.

Inspired by his contemporaries and the legacy of musicians before him, Barry continues to let the flow of the music guide him and strives hard to support his comrades with his upbeat charm and endless amount of good humor.