Stoney Curtis is a guitarist and singer based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Born on February 9th in Chicago, Stoney was a self-taught talent from a young age, his thirst for music inspired by listening to blues music and legendary artists Elton John, Alice Cooper, and KISS. Starting out with the acoustic guitar, Stoney developed his skills over the years, making his way across the blues club circuit and recording his own independent records. His background in Chicago blues and 70’s/80’s hard rock has given him and his band its unique flavor.

In 1994, he founded his own titular acid blues band: the Stoney Curtis Band. It has featured many members over the years, but the current lie-up includes Barry Barnes on bass and Shon McKee on drums. Stoney’s expressive and emotional virtuosity over acid blues rock makes him an ensnaring presence on-stage. Fans are enchanted by his unique sound and band mates have a tough time not letting themselves be distracted by his raw talent.

Stoney has toured across the United States and Europe over the decades, bringing his sound to millions of fans across the globe. He was featured on Germany’s premiere music television program Rock Palast in 2006 and performed in the Les Paul 100th Anniversary Show in 2015. As lead guitarist and co-writer of the original music of Danny Koker’s Count’s 77, another group also signed to Shrapnel Records, he has made several appearances on the History Channel’s Counting Cars, which stars Koker and his friends.

Stoney has one son, enjoys travelling, and spends his days developing the latest musical marvels with his friends and colleagues in the thriving Las Vegas music community.