The Stoney Curtis Band is a Las Vegas heavy blues rock/acid blues experience.

They are guitarist/singer Stoney Curtis, bassist Barry Barnes, and drummer/percussionist Shon McKee.

To date, they have released six studio albums to critical acclaim. Their songs are regularly featured on Sirius XM Radio and receive millions of plays on online streaming services like Spotify and YouTube.

Founded by Stoney out of the blues club circuit in 1994, the Band has gone through several interactions over the years. They have been signed to Shrapnel Records since 2004 and have found ever-increasing success since that time. Having previously settled in Los Angeles, the band now makes its home nestled in the Las Vegas music scene.

Past members have included drummer Charlie Glover, bassist Colby Smith, bassist Roger Tausz, singer Eric Mitchell, and singer Kyle Frost.

Their current line-up was brought together in the early 2010’s.

Stoney met Barry Barnes at a Sand Dollar Blues Club jam in 2010, and when scheduling conflicts left Stoney without a bassist, he called upon Barry to join him for a US tour. Keeping up with everything Stoney could throw at him, Barry has lent power to the group’s sound with his skill and killer feel as the bass backbone of blues.

Stoney first saw Shon McKee playing while attending a performance for South of Graceland in 2012 at the behest of the group’s manager. Immediately impressed by Shon’s world-class drumming, they met face to face a week later and bonded over a mutual love of KISS. The Power Trio of the Stoney Curtis Band was now finally forged atop Shon’s rock-solid drumming.

The three have enjoyed sharing success after success, fueled by a friendship born out of love for each’s others compatible musical spirits and incredible talent. Whether it’s recording in studio or touring the country, the Stoney Curtis Band has brought top-tier energetic blues acid rock to millions of fans across the globe.